Workplace Signs

Workplace Signs

Keep staff, visitors and the general public safe and also inform them of actions which they need to perform whilst in and around the workplace by displaying the appropriate workplace sign. Rainbow Safety's range of workplace signs include mobile phone signs, machinery signs, vehicle signs, traffic signs plus many more. All of our workplace safety signs are manufactured in-house. If you cannot find the workplace sign that you require then please contact our sales team who will gladly assist you.


  • General Access Signs

    Our general access safety signs help remind staff, visitors and the general public of areas which they are and are not permitted to be within the premises. These safety signs are manufactured by Rainbow Safety in-house.

  • Toilet Signs
  • Mobile Phone Signs

    Our range of mobile phone signs help make rules about the use of mobiles within the workplace clear. Rainbow Safety's range of mobile phone signs can instruct people to not use their mobile phones whilst on the premises or to turn them off completely.

  • Good Practice Signs

    Rainbow Safety have a selection of good practice signs which could be suitable for your business. If you can't find what you are looking for them please contact our sales team who will gladly assist you or why not use our live chat facility.

  • Quality Control Signs

    With our range of quality control signs you will be able to label items that have been tested with the appropriate quality control sign.

  • General Workplace Signs
  • Recycling Signs

    The Government have introduced a new range of recycling signs to help encourage businesses and local authorities to reduce waste and to recycle more.

    Our recycling signs are available in rigid plastic, self adhesive and rigid plastic self adhesive backing material and in a variety of different sizes. Please be aware that the width for these signs is shown first.

  • CCTV Signs

    To help keep your business premises secure you may decide to have CCTV on your premises. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you are responsible for displaying appropriate signage warning staff, visitors and the general public that CCTV is in opperation on the premises.

    Our CCTV signs are available in a range of different sizes and material. Please be aware that the width of the CCTV sign is shown first.

  • Joke Signs

    Lighten the mood within the office with our range of funny office signs and coasters. A variety of our funny office signs also convey an important safety message. Studies have shown that humour helps people remember information better.

  • Dementia Signs

    Dementia Signs are designed to help people find their way around a care home or even their own home. These signs can help to reduce the feeling of isolation and disorientation that those with Dementia can have.

    Dementia signs also help improve safety as it helps those people with dementia get to where they want easier, this results in less falls and accidents and helps prevent them going into areas they shouldn't be in unsupervised.

  • Keep Out Signs

    Our keep out signs are manufactured in-house and are designed to help inform staff, visitors and the general public of areas they are not permitted to go for their own safety. These safety signs are ideal for construction or building sites.

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